Grobag Gro sleep trainer

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Woman1 Founder
CharlotteRadcliffe asked a while ago

Do these actually work to get a 4 year old to stay in bed longer in the mornings?!

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Picture?height=120 Founder

TarikaMarshall answered a while ago

definitely a great purchase. In fact here's a review you might find handy, written by our very own Paul (dad of 2).

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The Gro-Clock teaches children when it's time to sleep or get up using pictures of the moon and sun. It also comes with a beautifully illustrated book which helps to encourage children to stay in bed longer.During the night, the display screen shows stars disappearing one by one to show the passing time. It has adjustable screen brightness, a silent option, optional digital clock and alarm feature.The clock is mains powered and suitable for children from 2 years.Brand:Grobag.Eligible for International Delivery:NO.Power Supply:UK Mains

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