MERINO Sleeping bag

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Rosie Founder
RosieLynch asked a while ago

Is this sleeping bag worth buying? Any recent reviews and does it survive the washing machine?

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Annie Founder

FeeHyde answered a while ago

Hi Rosie. Here's a recent review by a mummy blogger on the Merino sleeping bag that's pretty thorough. Also it's washing machine safe at 30 degrees I believe. Anyone else know? Thanks x

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Good quality sleep underpins everything else and a number of studies prove that sleeping apparel made from merino wool improves sleep patterns - infants put to bed in merino settle more quickly, cry less and sleep longer. Merino wool has a superior ability to breathe and naturally regulates both moisture and temperature; this creates a cosy micro-climate around your little one, keeping them snug and comfortable throughout the night without the risk of overheating. The Sleeping bag is made with Superlove's plush double knitted 100% merino - the most substantial available for infants and toddlers and specifically designed to suit cold northern hemisphere climates from summer to deepest winter without the need for different tog value bags or the use of fillers or padding. The Superlove Sleeping Bag fits from birth right up to 2 years+ (that is more than 700 sleeps!) and can be used year round in nursery temperatures ranging from 14 to 27¡C. Travel slots ensure a seamless transition between cots, cars and prams, yet can be closed when not in use to keep those escape prone little toes safely tucked inside. Popper closures on both shoulders make dressing easy and allow the bag to open out flat. Conforms to BS 8510:2009 for safety of children's sleep bags.

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