mudputty Moon shaped Moses cot

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KatieDeas asked a while ago

I would love one of these for my baby that's due in august. I think it's sooo much nicer than a Moses basket.

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rebeccahancock2 answered a while ago

its so cute

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ChristaGlover answered a while ago

Moon Cot, Toddler bed We can make this for you, just ask if you need any information. x

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Snow 1786589 640 Founder

DebbieDavies commented a while ago

@Christa, this is so lovely.
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ChristaGlover commented a while ago

@Debbie, thankyou, they are a joy to make.
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SarahWilliams1 commented a while ago

I have one ready for sale, £350 Moses basket sized. Collection from Lancashire @sarahanwilliams #moonbed
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ChristaGlover commented a while ago

@mudputty can make these to any size moses basket sizes are £
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TarikaMarshall answered a while ago

found this handmade cot that looks just like the one you want. Wish I knew about this when I had my little one!

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"Feather light on starry night, cosy warm and tired, pleasant dreams and sweetest thoughts as little angels smile." Our Moon Cot Cradle will form the focal point of your nursery. With beautifully curved lines that are crowned with decorative stars, the Moon Cot will turn your nursery into the land of make believe. Our Moon Cots are flying the flag for Britain, each one is made using British Sourced quality pine, by skilled craftsmen with over 20 years experience. Each piece will be hand sanded and worked individually, then sealed with a high protective sealer (which conforms to the requirements of BS5665:1989/EN 71:1988 PART 3 safety of toys regulations) for very smooth finish, touch, and durability to give your child an enchanting nights sleep

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