Pinolino Wooden Baby Walker

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Kate 2010 Founder
KateThomas asked a while ago

I love this simple walker, but don't want to spend that much money. I don't want a fussy one. Any recommendations?

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StephanieJarrett answered a while ago

I got one of these for my oldest and it's lasted a 3 of my children. X

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Falling over is impossible thanks to the Pinolino Uli Wooden baby walker. Its special construction offers support in form of the sturdy wooden handlebar. Your child can even apply slight pressure without the ÒUliÓ tipping over. The handle is attached to the lower part of the baby walker in a special way: the screw connecting the front and back wheel on each side is exactly in the middle. The center of gravity is very low thanks to the relatively small wheels and is spread equally on all four wheels. This makes the Uli baby walker the perfect friend and reliable companion for your child's first attempts at walking. The Pinolino Uli Wooden baby walker is made from solid beech wood with some parts painted in raceing colours The bottom part is designed as a platform so your child can even transport his or her favorite toy or even the baby bottle or pacifier. The rubber tyres make the baby walker particularly easy to push and the sturdy steel axles promise a long lifespan even with intensive use.

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