Frequently Asked Questions

Using Cahootsy

Cahootsy connects you to like-minded enthusiasts, experts and brands to make sure you bag the Best Buys.

Why Cahootsy?

From the word ‘Cahoot’ meaning in partnership or league. We wanted a name to show the strength of collective power.

How does Cahootsy make a difference?

Whether you’re having a change in lifestyle, taken up a new hobby or have become a new parent (congratulations!) choice can be pretty overwhelming. Different retailers, Review sites, Blogs, voucher code sites, are just some of the places you might visit.

Our co-founders had the same problem when they became new parents. How do you know what’s best to buy when you’ve never tried it? Which review to trust? What’s a good price? Which is why we built Cahootsy - best buys, trusted opinions and latest offers personalised to you in one place!

What are the Top 3 things I can do?

#1 Pick the Communities you loveYou’ll only be shown the stuff that interests you and those with similar taste so you can check out the Best Buys and opinions they’re sharing. You can join as many communities as you like.

#2 Discover the One!

  • The most trusted brands across the UK - John Lewis, M&S, House of Fraser and more.
  • Offers of the Day from across all stores in one place.
  • Expert opinions from our Community experts - professionals, bloggers and experienced folk who’ve been there before you.

Someone missing? Drop us a message at and we’ll invite them onboard.

#3 Contribute to improve your Community

Got a question or comment on something? Join the discussion on any item on the site. You’ll be notified as soon as you get a reply.

Create your own lists of must-haves or favourites, allow others to contribute. Just click the + button on any item.

Once you’ve given a helping hand why not apply to be a Community Expert from your profile.

Cahootsy Community

Where do all those great products come from?

Products on Cahootsy come from all of the UK”s favourite brands or are recommended by someone just like you from the Cahootsy community. All lists, recommendations, discussions and Q&A are also added by a member of our community.

Can I share these products with friends?

Absolutely. Just click into the product and share using the share button on the product page. You can share to Facebook or via Email with your own personal message.

What is my Cahootsy Influence?

When you first join Cahootsy, it’s great to check out and connect with the most active shoppers in the community. Your Shopping influence reflects how much you contribute to the community and your endorsements from other community members and brands.

Can I invite my friends and family to Cahootsy?

Of course. This is your community and it wouldn’t be the same without your most trusted shopping circle. Select invite friends from the drop down menu near your avatar.

If you’re sharing a gift list with friends and family they can choose to remain anonymous when reserving gifts. This is to still maintain the surprise element of gift giving. very important.

How do I report a user or product that abuses Cahootsy guidelines?

The Cahootsy community operates on trust and tolerance but it does not tolerate any user that abuses Cahootsy community guidelines. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details of these regarding content and community interactions.

If you need to report a post to Cahootsy or report a member of Cahootsy please use our feedback button or email us directly with the user name or product name and details of the issue to

Account Management

My Dashboard

Everything you need to get the best out of shopping on Cahootsy, personalised for you. Check out our tour if you need any help.

You’ll get personal tips on the best collaborations to join, see your followers and those following you, see who’s checking you out and what your network are sharing, manage your tastes and more.

Take me to my Dashboard

Improving my Profile

Update this at any time using the ‘edit Profile’ button on your Dashboard. Add a photo and short bio (like a Twitter handle) to describe yourself. It’s a great way to be discovered by other Shoppers and Brands looking to collaborate. You can even tag yourself with stuff you like most to receive more personal recommendations..

How do I personalise my Account and Settings?

Use the drop down button next to your Avatar, available on any page on our site. Select ‘Settings’ and from here you can:
  • Personalise your profile
  • Amend your account details including password
  • Amend your email notification settings
  • Connect or disconnect your social media accounts
  • Close your account

Where can I view all the products I Loved or Rate?

In your dashboard. You can sort by Loves, Rates, All and even by category.


Your activity feed will keep you updated on what the community you’re connected with is doing

  • Viewing your profile
  • Following you
  • Adding to a similar collection
  • Joining a co-buy (cahoot)
and more.

You’ll also be sent the most topical updates by email. You can change the types of email notifications you get at any time using Settings.

How do I close my account

Visit 'Settings' and select 'Cancel my Account'. We really hope you won't be leaving us so please feel free to leave us feedback via our Feedback button on the right of the page or by emailing us directly at

Please do be aware that if you close your account your profile page and the products in it will no longer be available. Nor will any account information. However products you've posted will continue to be on the site. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.


There are some awesome products on Cahootsy. How can I buy one?

If you like any product on Cahootsy all you need to do is click the 'Buy' button. It'll show you exactly which store you're being directed to.

If the product is available for a co-buy discount you can select ‘Join Cahoot’ and join in. Buying in with others means you get to share great discounts together.

If you want to buy a product but feel that the shop isn't safe to order from please email with the product name and store name and notify us. Your experience on this site is really important to us.

What will people see when I post something?

Cahootsy is an open trusting community. Every product has been personally posted by a user and answers are personal recommendations by users. Every time you post a something: a product, a question, answer or comment your avatar is visible next to it to show this is generated by you.Your purchase activity is completely private though.

How does Cahootsy make it's money?

We’re focused on making Cahootsy a community site where people collaborate over product that they actually want. We don’t want to push banners and flashing adverts to you like many other sites you shop on. We still need to feed the kids so we get a small % commission via affiliate links or direct sales when you make a purchase.


I am a blogger. Can Cahootsy work for me?

Definitely. First join Cahootsy and create a profile. You can choose to use your Blog logo and name or represent yourself. It’s always good to share a little about yourself and feel free to add your twitter link.

Once you’re in we recommend browsing the site for questions that you can answer, especially if you’ve reviewed a product and can honestly recommend (or not recommend) it. You can find these in the Q&A tab on every product page. Simply add a link to your blog review as your answer and a comment to go with it.

There will be more benefits coming soon so watch this space. Some of our blogging community have asked if we can have a special Blogger badge on the site. If you have any suggestions like this drop us a line at

Please consider that while the Cahootsy community love to interact and discover great blogs and reviews we do not tolerate spam or self promotion so please make sure you observe our guidelines for this in our Privacy Policy. Spam is a guaranteed way to have anyone removed off our site.

Brands & Merchants

I am a Merchant. Can Cahootsy work for me?

Sure. First join Cahootsy - selecting ‘I am a Merchant’ and set up your profile. Use your Brand Logo and Short Company Bio so Shoppers can discover you. Once you're in we recommend browsing the site for products that are in demand (especially those with many Shoppers ;In cahoots’. Simply use the ‘Make an offer’ button on the product page to create a group offer.

We also have various visibility packages available depending on your budget and objectives. Please contact us at for more information.

Please consider that while the Cahootsy community love to interact and discover great products and stores we do not tolerate spam or self promotion so please make sure you observe our guidelines for this in our Privacy Policy. Spam is a guaranteed way to have anyone removed off our site.

Invite A Friend Benefits

What is the Cahootsy Invite a Friend button do?

The Cahootsy invite-a-friend-button lets you invite any of your friends or family to join the Cahootsy community

What do I get for referring my friends to sign up to Cahootsy?

For every friend that signs up to Cahootsy your influence on Cahootsy grows increasing your chance of getting better deals.

You can keep track of how many friends are joining by looking at the progress meter in the invite a friend box. This is personalised to you.

How do I get involved in the invite-a-friend program?

It’s easy. Just click the invite friend button at the top of any Cahootsy page and your personal invite a friend page will pop up.

Simply connect your preferred email accounts and you’ll be prompted to select the friends you want. Add a personal message and click the ‘send invite’ button. This will automatically send your message to all your friends.

Tip: Use the unique invite code in the box to share with your friends anywhere – Facebook, Twitter, email, wherever you like.

How many friends can I invite?

You can invite as many friends and family as you like to Cahootsy. It’s your community and the more friends and family you have on it the more fun and value you get in cahooting together. Get together to vote up and join a co-buy so you can enjoy the discounts together. We do ask that you don’t spam friends with invites if the product is not relevant to them.

I can’t see the unique link in the email template. Can I just copy and paste the regular Cahootsy URL and send it to my friends?

No. You need to use the unique invitation link you are given when you click the invite a friend button. This link lets us verify that your friends have been invited by you so we can keep update your progress bar and your influence.

Why did my friend never receive an invitation?

It’s possible that you misspelt their email address or that your message was caught by their spam filter tool. Ask them to check their spam folder. You can also send them their link by messaging them on Facebook.

I entered my friend’s email address correctly but the email address was rejected

There are three possible reasons why this can happen 1) your friend’s email address has already been used by another Cahootsy member in the program 2) they are already signed up to Cahootsy or 3) your friend’s email address is in our ‘don’t contact’ database which means they might have chose to opt out of receiving emails from Cahootsy

How will I know when my friend signs up to Cahootsy?

You will receive an email alert from Cahootsy as soon as your invited friend signs up to Cahootsy and creates her/his profile. Please remember any invitation you send to your friends must contain the unique invitation link and your friends must use it to sign up to Cahootsy. This is the only way we are able to credit you with your points.